Need help to find and install OpenWrt firmware for TL-WR740N/TL-WR741ND

Need help to find and install OpWrt firmware for TL-WR740N/TL-WR741ND

Router Model - TL-WR740N/TL-WR741ND

Firmware Version: 3.17.0 Build 150105 Rel.61576n
Hardware Version: WR740N v4 00000000

TP-Link website -

  1. Go to
  2. Top left menu: Supported Devices
  3. Search the Table of Hardware(ToH) to find out if your device is supported by OpenWrt
  4. Type 741 in the model field and hit enter.
  5. Select the appropriate device page.
  6. Pay attention to the banner about the mem/flash and End of Support.
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I checked that.

There are multiple devices with different versions. I'm unable to find exact version for my router. Router's label on back side is damaged.

I don't know which one to use.

You can login to the web interface of the router and find the exact model there.

Model No. TL-WR740N / TL-WR740ND

As per router's login page.
nothing else is there about version v4.xx

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(Both pages seem to list the same firmware files.)

It doesn't matter.


Thanks. Both links are same. So same firmware.
Thanks again.

Can you guide me setting up WiFi Access Point?

You enable it.

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