Need help setting up traffic monitoring

I have little experience with OpenWrt, but I learn quickly.

I have a Linksys MR9000 loaded with a build of OpenWrt by NoTengoBattery. I got it running without too much difficulty. Now I want to set up traffic monitoring. First I want to get my flash drive mounted so there is space for everything that will be compiled. What is the best way to do this?

Second, I've seen mention of YAMon4, bwmon, wrtbwmon, and many more packages to monitor traffic over time. What will best give me historical data, by device, over periods of time and is easy to set up. Does anyone have instructions on how to do this, that I might be able to follow?

Sorry for the NOOB questions, but you have to start somewhere.


See the following pages in the wiki:

For monitoring, see as a starter.

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But you should really ask NoTengoBattery, since it his builds.

I've seen the Quick Start. Part of the issue is how exactly it is mounted. Different packages want different mount points and I've been having problems with that. My biggest issue however is the bandwidth monitoring itself.

Based on your requirements these fit the bill:
Yamon3/4, but afair it no longer has current support.
luci-app-nlbwmon using nlbw and it’s cli commands.
Vnstat/Vnstat2 also in the openwrt package repo.

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