Need help setting up openconnect client for GlobalProtect

Hi guys, I have used OpenWRT many times to connect to OpenVPN and Wireguard servers but I am attempting to use my GL iNet Slate Plus running OpenWrt 21.02 to connect to my work VPN which is using Palo Altos' Global Protect. I tried to follow the guide [OpenWrt Wiki] OpenConnect client but I fell at the first hurdle, I dont know where to get the "server.pem" from the line VPN_CERT="server-cert.pem"

I also installed the relevant packages too but in luci I dont see any options for a client setup, it only seems to be server setup

Sorry if I am missing something but would someone be kind enough to provide a step by step?

I am currently running the Global Protect app on my laptop if that helps getting any of the info or certs. One other issue that might cause some issue is that MFA is used to connect once a week.


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Thanks I'll see if that works

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