Need help restoring OEM firmware on RavPower RP-WD009

I installed OpenWRT on my RavPower RP-WD03 without issues, so attempted to install it on my RP-WD009 as well. I followed the instructions and uploaded the ...factory.bin image; however, while it appeared to reboot, it did not reboot into OpenWRT, did not hand out DHCP addresses, and was not reachable at Attempting to upload the upgrade image did not fix this either, nor did attempting to re-flash the factory.bin image.

I can no longer access the router; the only time I can get a connection is if I put it back into recovery mode, where I can navigate to and upload images. However, I cannot ssh into the device or access it in any other way. I have the kernel and root files extracted from the OEM firmware, but cannot figure out how to get them back on the router--uploading them via doesn't work.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to get this working again, either with the OEM firmware or the OpenWRT firmware? I'd just like to get this device working again. Thanks for any advice you can give!

Did you find a solution? In the same boat.

see my advice for this on the other thread

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Same boat here