Need help replacing iptables with nftables

Hi all,
I'm trying to build my own image for WRT1900ACS. I have used all standard configuration, removed all iptables associated modules and selected the needed nftables modules. All good so far, but now I thought it would be nice to have LuCI and here comes surprise: when I select base LuCI module, it also selects firewall modules, which select previously deselected kmod-ipt-core module and so on. Apparently LuCI firewall is made for iptables and it's being selected by default together with LuCI.
In some forums I have read that better is to completely remove iptables before adding nftables and now my question is if kmod-ipt-core and other core iptables modules will have conflicts with nftables? Is there anyboby who have tried that and using nftables-only setup? Do you have any recommendation regarding how to proceed in the best way?