Need help regarding Asterisk 16 on OpenWrt

Sorry for the semi-beginner question but I have installed Asterisk 16 main package on my OpenWRT 19 (a reflashed MR-12 box) and I'm now not sure what additional packages are needed to just add SIP phones and SIP providers, and build up a dialing plan as a start.
My biggest concern is to know if there are any of them to add a GUI. Unlike for OpenVPN, when I installed Asterisk no new menus have been added to Luci, is there something I could do to make it a bit less abrupt that having to deal with everything in a shell? As far as I can tell I don't even know if the Asterisk server is running ok.
Please help!

Does this help? [How To] install and configure a full Voip server (Asterisk 13 & 16) on OpenWrt

Thanks but no, not really, I already read that, it starts by making you install all packages, which is not what I want to do. And it says nothing about a GUI :frowning:

Hi there,

There are some guides in the OpenWrt wiki:

There is no GUI available, also no luci integration.

You should also be able to follow the examples in Asterisk's original documentation.

Running asterisk on the router may be overkill, though, if you don't know the ins and outs already. There are many people on the forum with SIP phones in their LAN (or some separate VLAN I suppose) who make them speak to their providers directly, without asterisk (or any other PBX software) in the middle.