Need help prioritizing Google TV traffic for IPTV

My setup is as follows:

Archer C6 (OpenWRT) - > Archer C20 Access point (Stock) - > Chromecast with Google TV.

I use CCwGTV mainly for 3rd party IPTV, it runs quite well for the most part but some 1080p live channels buffer occasionally when the no. of active users are high on the network.

What I want is to either prioritize the traffic going into CCwGTV or reserve the bandwidth for it. What I have already tried is using SQM but then the IPTV starts to buffer much more and even stops working completely I have also tried adding per IP fairness to it but it doesn't help.

I have 30/30mbps up/down fiber connection so I fear per IP fairness might starve Iptv from bandwidth if there are too many active users connected

P.S SQM was instantiated on the WAN interface and both ingress and egress values were set to 28000.

So, what do you guys suggest to do next? Try out QoS?

QoS works, but it's reactive.

It won't cap the bandwidth until it notices it's over the limit, which will give you spikes where the bw usage is over the set limit.

Depending in how big the buffer in your device is, it may, or may not work, or you'd have to set the QoS limit lower.

So what should be the ideal solution in my scenario? Also, I read here that WiFi should be disabled for the main router and only used on the AP, will it be any advantageous on such low bandwidth of 30mbps?

Wifi isn't an issue here, it's your low overall bandwidth :frowning:

IPTV uses only a max of 10-12Mbps out of 30 when it is working fine (even the Full HD channels). I was just wondering why enabling SQM slows my IPTV down so much?

Don't think you understood what I wrote in the 1st reply.

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I did but I am asking about SQM which isn't a bw limiter practically.

Sorry, my bad, didn't catch the difference :confused:

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