Need help - port to ath79 (D-Link dap-2695)


I've been struggling to get a working recent snapshot (cannot login to LuCI - invalid user/pass) for my D-Link dap-2695 Wireless AP and realised I can only get an old snapshot (17 June 2019) OpenWrt SNAPSHOT, r10250-016d1eb for the AR79xx, which I have currently installed at the moment and looks like it's now possibly abandoned :frowning:

How do I or can I please request a port conversion of this model under ar71xx to the later ath79 target?

Thanks for any help with this to get my AP working with OpenWRT and LuCI.

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You likely need somebody (yourself???) with the device to do the porting, as it requires converting the hardware description to be DTS based and then compiling and testing the firmware images.

Rather long thread about ath79 advice is here:

You might read/browse the thread to see the typical steps in the conversion.
And then look at the examples of adding new devices.


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Thanks, i'll have a read but maybe too complex for me as i'm not a developer :confused: