Need Help - Port Forwarding SOLVED

I am currently in a hotel in Missouri and my server is at my house. I have a NightHawk R8000 running Openwrt because nighthawk softerware on the R8000 sucked. so here is my problem I am trying to open port 25565 And I go to port checker websites and.... its still closed here is how I "tried" to open said port.

I tried this alot

Erase the 3 bottom forwards.
Edit the first and add Internal IP address of the host you want the packets forwarded and the internal port that the server on the host listens to.

You need to specify the IP address of the host on your LAN that will be listening for the forwarded packets, and you must specify the internal port (i.e. the port on the host). That system must be up and running with the service listening, too.

Delete all of your existing forward rules... they are all wrong. Create a new one with the source as WAN and the destination as LAN, specify the IP address of the host on the LAN, and include the internal port number (often, but not always the same as the external port).

If you are trying to open that port to the router itself, you do this through the traffic rules, rather than port forwards. Port forwards are designed to forward from the internet to a device on your network behind the router.

Port Checker says its open, thanks again! sorry about the derp I literally just started using this. and I dont think netgear software had a spot for destination IP.

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