Need Help please need some information

I need some information for my router so that I can give this information to a reliable developer so that he creates a package for me that includes some useful things for my router, and he requested the information shown in the picture... Help me how to get this information please, my experience is weak
i am using openwrt software

I also have a little experience in using ssh and its commands

My router model:
tp-link tl-mr6400 v5

The developer is popular in the openwrt community and github community as well

i want him to make some packages for my 3g/4g router like enable sms service and ussd service and make band selection list

Please help


Can you provide some insight?

Why not contact the app author directly or continue the old topic?


He closed it

It's open.

It's hard for me to add anything more, these data are needed to try to add modem support.

I do not know what modem is in this router and whether it allows any communication or provides a port for communication.

Maybe someone on the forum has this router and can tell something more about modem.

@khalid64392 Did you install modem manager? did you check out that second band selection package?

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Is the developer unable to contribute to this discussion, to explain what is needed and why it is needed?

Excuse me, can you explain to me what this photo was supposed to give us?

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Developer is too big a word.
It is written/shown at the beginning of the topic what is necessary.
Why this information, maybe otherwise..
And how do you want to communicate with the modem, or set something in it?

  1. A diagnostic port is needed for communication.
  2. We need to know what kind of modem it is, whether it provides the ability to communicate with it. The author of the topic has installed some package to handle the at commands? did you check if the modem provides such a port? did you send a command, even an ati command, did you do anything to identify the modem in this router?

We don't know anything :thinking: