Need help on DSL-2870B VDSL2+/ADSL2+ modem

Can someone please help me with a DSL-2870B VDSL2+/ADSL2+ Modem Router, and i don't have the equipment/money and knowledge to create a Custom OpenWrt for this device

I was able to to get a very limited access SSH
and FTP that has Read/Write permission
Broadcom BCM63188
1GB? RAM (By looking at the p/n on the memory chip)
128Mb Flash

From FTP I was able to copy almost everything from the device

link: ZIP

Broadcom doesn't sound promising.

RAM capacity is usually specified in bits, 1gbit = 128MB.

can you post the boot log, and if available, the output for lspci.

I assume this is the device ?

if you're in UK, this might be a cheap alternative For Sale (UK) : 2x Bt Hub5 with OpenWrt installed

(Sorry this information isn't really useful)
Yes, that is the correct device
Command not found for lspci
and was unable to get a boot log

no dmesg command ?


Also, running help only returns;

Built-in commands:
	. : break cd continue eval exec exit export help login newgrp
	read readonly set shift times trap umask wait

Which isn't alot to work with

(edit: this is over SSH, i don't have a Serial to TTL converter laying around)

then you need to open it up, serial would require the same, anyway.

Can we please point a finger at the elephant in the room:

Consequently, no matter the effort, the internal modem will not work with OpenWrt, there is literally zero chance of that happening. OP should be perfectly aware of this before investing significant time and effort.


Righto, but i'll see if i can salvage some more modems and/or routers
Although, i did notice that these's autorun scripts in the file structure of the device, and since the ftp to the device has Read and Write permissions (Plus foreign files don't get deleted)
maybe i can do something there

Thanks anyway