Need Help (Network is unreachable)

I have a FritzBox 7362 sl with OpenWrt, it turns out that I have played with both the LAN and WAN settings and now I cannot access the OpenWRT home screen. If I remember correctly, the LAN IP will not be erased but if not the rest. It turns out that now I want to access through the terminal to the router and I get the following message:
ssh root@
ssh: connect to host port 22: Network is unreachable
Is there a way to fix it without having to reinstall Openwrt?

Using Failsafe Mode, you can fix the problem or reset the OpenWrt configuration to defaults.

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I don't understand too much about informatics, what do I have to put in the terminal? Or how do I do the Failsafe Mode?

Please read the Failsafe Mode article, which may take more than 2..3 minutes.
If you still have questions after that, describe what you tried and which result you got.

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I looked at the article about it, but even so I am not very clear how I should do it, the commands that come out I do not know what else I have to put in the terminal of my mac

I can't get my Fritzbox in failsafe mode. the guides do not clarify much

Good morning,
After a few hours looking at guides in the forum or wiki and rested, I managed to activate the Failsafe Mode of my FritzBox and therefore solve the problem.
Thank you very much for your help

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