Need help in a Raspberry Pi setup

Hey guys!

So I'm new to the OpenWRT world and need some assistance.
I have set up a RPi 3B with OpenWRT. But now for the tricky part:
I use the 2,4GHz net for for getting in an existing WiFi (maybe we can add 5GHz too?), BUT i can not set up the Access Point because of the WiFi dongle I'm using.
It's an AVM FRITZ!WLAN USB Stick N v2, does someone of you know the Firmware which is needed?
When this is done, is there maybe an Option to expand the Filesystem on the SD card to the full 64GB?
AND: maybe some hardening/adfilter if this is possible (i know RPi 3...not that much of "power")

Thanks guys!

Is there a kmod needed? I do not know your hardware. Look in dmesg output for some hint at a keyword to search for with opkg.

My first guess is to install one of these 2 sets of packages:

# opkg list *carl9170*
carl9170-firmware - 20230804-1 - AR9170 firmware
kmod-carl9170 - 5.15.130+6.1.24-3 - Driver for Atheros AR9170 USB sticks
# opkg list *ath9k-htc*
ath9k-htc-firmware - 20230804-1 - AR9271/AR7010 firmware
kmod-ath9k-htc - 5.15.130+6.1.24-3 - This module adds support for wireless adapters based on
 Atheros USB AR9271 and AR7010 family of chipsets.

I will try and Look that up for you.
With lsusb i have a „proper“ Output so the Device is Seen by the Software.
Thanks for the hints!

Having used both ar9170 and ar9271 in the past (both as client on desktop linux and as AP with OpenWrt), you're not going to achieve sensible results here - yes, it 'works', but the problems are many (very limited number of concurrently connected clients, WLAN card overheating, short range/ low performance, unexplainable stalls; apart from 802.11n being pretty old/ slow by today's standards) and the integrated brcmfmac wireless isn't any better (worse in some ways). I'd strongly suggest to outsource the problem to some better suited hardware, as in a (cheap) OpenWrt supported wireless AP/ router to act as dumb AP, even the cheapest options (mt7621a+mt7915DBDC like dap-x1860, covr-x1860, wsm20 for around 15 EUR, depending on your requirements there are better/ more expensive options, but the aforementioned devices are 'good' and 'pain free') run circles around your proposed setup (throughput && range) and would save you a lot of trouble (not just right now for the setup, but more so by avoiding continued issues and trouble).

The RPi4 is a very capable wired router, but it just isn't in a position to compete with the oldest/ slowest/ crappiest wireless APs sold over the last decade.

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gparted FTW.

I get your point (beside my language problem, sorry english is not my mother tongue)

I just saw this just as a Router for travelling so you can just dial up in a Hotel WiFi and set up your own AP. Just saw it on YT and was just trying out.

I'm not familiar with gparted just read it from time to time.

I don't know if I'm allowed to post links. But the Idea came from NetworkChuck with his Video on a VPN Travel Router with a RPi. Looked interesting, wanted to try out and had some stuff here to try out.

Great, see it as an opportunity to learn something new.

I will.

So, do I get this right, I should avoid using the Stick i have, and get somethin better?

Didn't do the trick for me.
Everytime I run opkg install kmod-carl9170-firmware I run into an error.
Think I will switch to an USB Antenna and try my luck again, or I will buy better Hardware.

No, I meant you should learn to use gparted.

I got that, but I tried another input for my Problem

you mean this one?

OK, this thread can be set on closed. Really not a good option to use the RPi3.