Need Help Implementing VLANs and OpenVPN


If you know OpenWRT from your heart, I will pay for your time to help me to implement two VLANs and one OpenVPN Client. We can setup an AWS VM as the OpenVPN server. You need to be able to access my equipment over TeamViewer and

I need you to do it and help me document this so we can reproduce or reconfigure it.
This is kind of urgent as I posted another Ad a couple of weeks ago and got two replies that cannot be of any help.

Thank you very much,

Use a tap interface with tags? Or using vxlan to bridge vlans over a routered layer 3?
This is not operwrt specific. You just need standart Linux networking to bridge layer 2.

I am too dumb when it comes to networking. This is what I need done:

1. WIFI: VLAN10 subnet range:/24 DHCP:yes should access server on openWRT at and should access WAN
2. Ethernet: VLAN20 subnet range:/24 DHCP:yes should access WAN
3. OpenVPN should connect to the Gateway and be able to SSH into it for maintenance

This seems straight forward but I want to work with someone who knows OpenWRT and can save time.

whether this is OpenWRT or Linux specific, I will pay for your time to help me.

Thanks for your advice.