Need help from maintainer to trace down wifi problems of TPLink 841n v13


There are several notes in the forum that wifi of TPLink WRT841n V13 is unstable.
I've a lot of this devices V13.0 and V13.1 and there is a huge problem with the wifi...
How can I contribute do debug the issue?

If the wifi goes in bad state, you cannot restart wireless. It will hang restarting with the following process:

/bin/sh ./ mac80211 teardown radio0 {"config":{"channel":"8","hwmode":"11g","path":"platform\/10300000.wmac","htmode":"HT20"},"data":{"phy":"phy0"},"interfaces":{"0":{"bridge":"br-lan","config":{"mo

I ve logread output when clients are not anymore connected and logread after trying to restart wifi which hangs...
Were should I put it?

I can compile, in fact compile my own version. If some maintainer can help me or provide a modified file with debug output we could trace the stuff...

I'm currently using OpenWrt 18.06.2, r7676-cddd7b4c77

One more question. To open a ticket the right way is and you must register apart of this forum?

Thanks and hope we can solve this issue, because in latin america they are selling only the version 13 :frowning:

I don't disagree that the problems might be related to lack of resources. Seeing some of the diagnostic output may help. Shorter sections you can wrap in the "code" tag with the </> button in the editor's tool bar. There's also a "Hide Details" option under the gear. Very long sections can be put on Pastebin, Gist, or the like, and linked from here.

You can enable debugging in some of the drivers with passing a parameter at module install time. I don't know if any of the MTK drivers support anything like this, but, just as an example

root@OpenWrt:/# cat /etc/modules.d/ath10k_core 
ath10k_core debug_mask=0x3f

(this can be added/edited on the device and doesn't need to be burned into ROM)

There are several threads on MTK drivers. I know that they've changed and read that they've improved quite a bit over the last couple years. One I keep seeing (and have not read) is MT76 precompiled drivers (mediatek wifi is useless in MT7628). There are many more, so please take that as just an indication of what search here could find you.

I have a lot of of different versions of hw and OpenWRT and have no problems, only with V13
32x V8 with Barrier Breaker 14.07/Chaos Calmer 15.05.1
15x V9 with Barrier Breaker 14.07
55x V10 mostly Chaos Calmer 15.05.1
4x V10 with lede-17.01.4

They have all only 32/4 where as V13 has 64/8 so I don't think this is a resource problem.

Until now I have not found any debug option to add. Anyone?

Since other, older devices with more limited resources don't show the problem, this seems not resource related. Does this problem still occur with the latest firmware version? There used to be some problems with WiFi on v13 at least in the past.

Were they solved with 19.07.3? I have the 841n v13 and had issues on 19.07.0. I am back to stock on it but want to use it somewhere so wondering if the latest one solves all issues for this.

It is a mt7628 cpu with embedded radio. For mt7603 and mt7628 driver is common - mt7603e. There are similar reports:

You can forget about stability, as driver is maintained almost only for mt7615/mt7915 chipsets.
Improving older devices was forgotten, and quality of drivers does not improve - buy Qualcomm router.

No, problems are present with 19.07.3

With 19.07.1 iirc I had random freezes with a basic setup and wifi would drop as well. With 19.07.3 there seems to be a new driver but I believe that doesn't fix these issues.