Need Help for setting up NTFS USB Drive using SMB for Windows usage

When I do smbclient -L localhost it gives me tree connect failed: NT code 0xc0000022

Unless you've added the name openwrt to your hosts file, or to your DNS, \\openwrt won't work.

openwrt is the router's name same as
the when I try \\\shared it gives me this:

If I know your name is John, will it be enough to find you in the phone book?

Yes, IP will work.

apparently it doesn't work
it's the explorer that detects the router's name on the network I'm in because I named the router openwrt

AFAIK network discovery had been disabled in Windows, but I guess you can switch it back on ....

network discovery is already enabled on both private and public network

I tried to access it from my Android phone and it doesn't work as well

ok couple of things:

  1. do not manually edit /etc/samba/smb.conf this file is generated automatically combining /etc/config/(samba or samba4) the uci config files and /etc/samba/smb.conf.template. On samba4 you will most likely break stuff, since once you create a custom smb.conf file any uci config changes will be ignored, until you delete the file.

  2. You only get W10 explorer share discovery with samba4 and wsdd2 installed. On samba3.6 and ksmbd discovery will not work for W10, so you have to manually know the full share path.

We also need to know a few things:

  • openwrt version
  • installed samba package version
  • /etc/config/fstab
  • /etc/config/samba or samba4

Its also not recommend to use NTFS on a linux samba share, since it has several problems. So try a FAT/exFat/ext3,4 filesystem. Also for quick testing try share the /tmp directory and see if this works, if it does its most likely a NTFS filesystem issue.

PS: Also make sure your mount directory exists and has correct permissions. (chmod -R 0777 /mnt/sda1)

I formatted the drive to ext4 and use chmod -R 0777 /mnt/sda1 it's working now, thanks a lot!
I'm using openwrt 19.07.8 on Linksys EA6350 v3 and installed luci-app-samba4 package.
But I think the write speed is slower significantly compare to NTFS while I'm using the original firmware before this, is remaining available free space affecting the performance? because it's only 7.5mb (27%) left.

write speed
It's really weird, it's start very fast then slow down significantly and oftenly touch 0 MB/s.

Usually those are reset on every reboot, below link might help

What is it writing to, how are you transmitting the file, and is the device USB3 ?

I'm transfering the files using cat6 cables, yes it's usb 3, both the drive and the usb slot.

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