Need help for a custom image fitting Tor

im really new to all this i tried to follow some instruction but it always end in a fail

can someone help me and do a custom image for a D-Link DAP-1330 A1
the default install do not left the space needed to install tor


Your device has 8 MB flash from what I can find. That's very tight for extras. Tor itself is 1.3 MB without any dependencies (one of them being libopenssl which by itself adds almost 0.9 MB). So you're looking at > 2 MB extra.

You can use the LibreMesh firmware selector to build a custom image, but it will be tight, if it fits altogether.

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Another option might be do use an older release of openwrt, since it'd be smaller, and leave you with more space for additional packages.

Flash size is not the only issue. 64MB RAM is also not enough for TOR.

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