Need Help Flashing ADB P.DG AV4202N

I need help installing OpenWRT on the ADB P.DG AV4202N.
The are two methods (via Webinterface and via Serial Connection)
I'm on original Firmware E_3.4.1 (Telecom Austria) and it seems like it does not allow you to upload any 3rd party firmware through recovery mode. If anyone has a suggestion here, it would be great.

Connection the serial cable to USB (using putty) doesn't give me any output at all. Maybe I'm connection something wrong. I used the information from here pinout source

Maybe someone can tell me if this is correct?

Thanks for your help,

Which pins did you connect?
3.3v shouldn't be used, but RX, TX, and GND.

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Yes, don't hook up 3.3 v. Three wires the the router: Tx Rx and gnd.

Tx from the router goes to Rx on the adapter and vise versa. If you're not getting any data, it doesn't hurt to swap Tx and Rx and try both ways.

Also you can check that your adapter and terminal software is working by connecting Tx and Rx to each other instead of to the router. You should see what you type echoed back on the screen. Break the connection and you should not see what you type.

thanks that was it (don't know y I did't try that).
The image I posted is wrong then, Tx is under 3.3v Rx is above 3.3v.

The problem I am having now is that I get random characters written to the console whenever I press ENTER.
like this:

That is usually because the ground is not secure.

thanks for the input. I will check that.