Need help enabling 2.4Ghz radio channel

Hello Noob here,

I installed openwrt and followed configuration steps from Raspi 4 with 5G HAT openwrt.
I tried changing the operating frequency channel from 5180Ghz (5Ghz) to any of the channel in 2.4Ghz. Now I cant scan openwrt radio0 in any of my devices and in the status it still shows 5Ghz.

I attached the images for more clarity.(Ignore the signal strength)

Am I doing something wrong or is the issue something else. I don't know how to edit config files or any complex stuff, request to direct me from openwrt User interface.

Image 1 -
Image 2 -
Image 3 -
Image 4 -

Where did you get the OpenWrt image that you are using? Did it come from the official OpenWrt site, or from some other source?

its from the manufacturer of a module that i am using on my raspi 4

Link -

I see. Since that is not official OpenWrt firmware (from the site), it may have been modified in ways that are unkown to the community here. Further, it seems that they have likely loaded specific drivers for the hardware they are selling, so again, there are unknowns with respect to the official verison. With that in mind, you need to ask the supplier/maintainer of that image for help.


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