Need help. Connecting Linksys 1200ac to Verizon Fios router

Yeah, I had tried the simplest of things and at that point wasn't working... only to wind up being me being a dummy.

On the NAT, which would be better for handling it... FIOS or my router? I ask that in the sense of, which would be better to put the load onto? I'm guessing FIOS, since I'll have the router doing most of the other work (DHCP, etc). Or would it only work on the router, thus disable it on FIOS? If disabling on FIOS, would that require not using another other devices through it? My hope is to be able to let some wireless devices connect to it directly so that those devices don't have issues if I'm tinkering with the LAN.

  1. I can definitely see the value to replacing the FIOS router outright ... but this would probably require some involvement on the part of Verizon. Ultimately, I think letting the FIOS router do the NAT is a perfectly acceptable configuration since it'll have a powerful enough processor to not bottleneck things (they [Verizon) have a vested interest in making sure this is so)

  2. As for other services, they're not terribly CPU intensive ... but they can sometimes be the sort of things you might wanna tinker with, so offloading them to your own router would seem a good idea.

To me, a classful single-NAT setup hits the sweet spot for both 1 and 2 because its tinker-able but avoids the involvement of Verizon.

Disabling NAT on the FIOS is usually never the answer because there's 2 choices, leave the no-NAT FIOS router in place, or remove it.

  • To leave it in place with no NAT requires 2 public IPs from Verizon, one for the FIOS router, another for the next downstream device (this next downstream device would presumably NAT).
  • But, to remove the FIOS router completely means it's up to us to supply our own device, and I believe @mk24 spoke on this earlier:

So, this is why I think the ideal thing is a single-NAT classful setup here... and if we can keep your 192.168.x.x/16 addressing scheme, then that'll be icing on the cake. And I think we can keep the 192.168.x.x/16 scheme.

I'll have to give it a try later in the night, but I'll see if I can move the FIOS router to be part of the LAN vs the source of the internet. Considering that we have the TV service as well, we can't just get rid of it completely, as it will negatively affect the service.

Sounds good... remember to add the via in the FIOS router if you do what we talked about ... without that, it won't know how to talk to the 192.168.x.x/16 clients w/o NAT on the OpenWRT router.

Also, after the static route is configured on the FIOS, switching the firewall zone on the OpenWRT's WAN port from 'wan' to 'lan' should disable NAT on OpenWRT...

Then lastly, the DHCP option 121 static routes to 192.168.x.x/16 clients.