Need help configuring ISP router with Rpi4 with Openwrt, Adguardhome and finally WiFi Accesspoint

As the title says I need help in setting up Adblocking using Adguardhome on my Rpi4 with Openwrt installed (wulfy23 build).
Now I have real difficulty in getting every device working together probably because of ip mismatch.
I have ISP router from Telekom with as it's ip address
From there I have connected the cable to WAN interface of Rpi4 with Openwrt with an ip address (WAN) of
From the LAN interface of Rpi4 I have connected to a WiFi Access Point (xiaomi ax3600 in Access point mode, just for WiFi, but with lan cable connected to Lan of Rpi4).

So please tell me how do I install Adguardhome ( I mean which ip address I should assign for Adguardhome to work properly) so that every device in this setup play nicely and function as it should.

Thanks in advance.

you have to configure the DHCP, so it points to the IP of the adguard home host as DNS.

what do you mean configure DHCP ? in ISP Router you mean or in AGH ? can you elaborate a little pls. .

in the ISPs router, if you're double NATing, the RPi.

Ok, i have to enable dhcp server in isp router. Then no dhcp server to be enabled in Adguardhome ??

that's not what you were asked to do.

no one said anything about this.

Ok sorry, then i musunderstood your previous post.
Should all the Ip addresses be in the same subnet to work properly ???

ip addresses of what ?

Rpi4(where openwrt is installed) + isp address+ AGH+ WAN ip address

no, but it makes life easier.

what's the LAN IP of the RPi ?

does AGH run on the RPI ?

The default one Rpi4 (LAN:, WAN:
Isp router(telekom)
AGH admin ip is, DNS:

Yes AGH is installed on Rpi4...

If the RPis LAN IP is, then the AGH should listen on that IP, unless you have devices on the WAN/Telecom side which you want to utilize the AGH DNS for.

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You mean if rpi has on port 80, then should i use using port 8080 and dns as ?

port 80 is usually the openwrt web server port, and (probably) already occupied.

8080 is (probably) for the AGH admin UI, 5353 is (probably) the DNS port offered to your local dnsmasq as upstream DNS server, by AGH.

you've mixing ports and IPs, those are two separate things.

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I've been trying to aid him in sorting out this mess in my thread.
his problem is that the telcom router will not let him assign a different DHCP DNS so his adguardhome DNS on the pi can be used (the simplest option) He was using his ISP WAN DNS to point to his AGH DNS. Not recommended.

So what he needs is the pi properly setting up with DHCP and making it the "master" router downstream from his ISP router. However he is also using the pi to extend his network via another wifi ap point. Thats best i've made out so far.

(edit) it all started here

I reading reading that thread yesterday, didn't connect the dots though :confused:

Initially, the network needs to be set up right, before there's any point in looking into the AGH "issue".

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Re do the pi as downstream router and repeater to his 2nd wifi ap then he can do adblocking.
I was trying to avoid double NATing him but maybe simplest to just have the pi wan as dhcp off his ISP LAN with its dhcp and then have the pi LAN run its own dhcp off different subnet and then he can install AGH on the pi LAN side and solve it that way?

I would, think the learning curve's too steep ...


ok... now i think am getting how it works. i will try to redo the setup with Rpi4 and wifi AP, then i will install AGH. Thanks for your clarifications

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