Need help compiling

can you compile the newest for me so i can flash this i do not have a Linux computer or the know how thanks

The "real" OpenWRT, current release, is here:

this router [XWR100] is not supported in the new release as I know of. this person on GitHub configured it for this router

So I yanked this router (Vizio XWR100) out of the closet to temporarily replace an on-the fritz wireless bridge router and considering that the last compiled version that appears to be available is from 2016, I compiled the 18.06.8 version for this using cmtsij's commits for his 18.06 branch. I compiled with openVPN and USB support, but I don't use those features so didn't check if they actually work. Use the below to upgrade from a previous version of OpenWrt.

SHA256: a1c4c3044fd26ddfdf6ee1758fbb19513c48c5fcf8b2d988d6230219ee857cec

Thank you for sharing and yes it has been a long time since the last update for this device

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