Need help adding Huawei B310s-927

I'm a developer but I have no experience "hacking hardware" so to speak and I need to install OpenWRT on a Huawei B310s-927.

I'd really appreciate if someone could point me in the right direction. Any help would be very much appreciated.

I actually opened up the device and tried to search on google for the letters and numbers printed on the chips to see if it had sufficient ram and rom but I couldn't find anything.

I skimmed through the guide on adding a new device and the one on introduction to hardware hacking. It doesn't seem like my device has a jtag but I think I found the serial ports but I don't really know where to go from here. Although I am pretty new to hardware hacking, I am not scared of the terminal and I believe I have the hacker spirit in me so I'll pull through :slight_smile:

That's just not happening...

Thanks. You've just saved me a lot of headache and unnecessary stress. I guess I'll get a TP-Link or something like that.

If I wanted to though. How difficult would it be?

How much free time have you got, and do you own hw used for reverse engineering of ICs ?

SoC probably isn't supported by mainline Linux, so you'll have to start there.

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Neither SOC- nor WLAN support, so you'd have to start with Adam and Eve - adding a new target (and mainlining it!), starting development for a wireless driver (and mainlining it!). You'd be looking at years of work for multiple seasoned developers - presumably with zero participation from Huawei, no data sheets, little-to-nothing to go by.

Possible? - only in the sense that 'anything' is possible (if you can throw enough resources at it).
Realistic? - not at all.

Precedence? - look at the fate of the Huawei ax3, one of the first 802.11ax based wireless routers, available worldwide, plenty and very cheap, still dead in the water.


Okay, you're definitely right.
Can I use it to learn though? Like I might never really get to complete support but what are the other things I could do with it?
Like I said I'm new to this whole thing but would still love to learn. If you have any tips, that would be great thanks.

There's very little you can do, apart from opening it up and trying to get serial console access/ playing on its shell. Maybe you can find/ request the GPL firmware for it from Huawei (good luck), maybe tinker from there on.

Nothing of this will really help you with anything, nor are there any bullet point lists to go by, but documenting (e.g. the hardware (SOC-, switch and wireless chips, flash/ RAM size, bootlog over serial) would be 'interesting'. If that's non-Huawei (non-Broadcom, non-Realtek), there would be chances (steep learning curve) - if it's Huawei/ HiSilicon (likely), it's game over for the aforementioned reasons.

Okay thanks.

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