Need FRITZ!Box WLAN 3370 bootloader image

I was in the process of installing OpenWrt on my FRITZ!Box 3370 (Hynix). Unfortunately, after installing the image, the router was stuck in a boot loop. Inspecting the problem with a serial to USB adapter showed that the kernel could not mount the root partition. I booted into the EVA bootloader and executed sn to scan the NAND. It told me that there are bad blocks.
In my infinite wisdom, I just proceeded to erase all MTD devices in hope that was ultimately the problem. However the router lost power and now does not even boot the bootloader. It prints some message ROM in very quick succession which to me seems like the CPUs bootloader that tries to load the EVA bootloader from SPI flash which I most likely deleted.
Is there any way I can recover my router or did I just completely brick it?
Has anyone maybe got a dump of the bootloader for this model so I can try and recover it like that?

Without knowing the device in question, I fear that's the end of it.

Yes, lantiq is technically unbrickable, if you find the bootsel pin somewhere on the PCB, but that's probably an issue - especially for this particular device, which is rather hard to brick by normal means (so the need should only arise rarely, probably no one has tried to map out the pinout for this PCB so far). NAND flash sadly doesn't help either, as this makes it hard (vulgo, impossible) to flash it externally.

What do you exactly mean which device I got? Is there further information I can provide? I should be able to flash the SPI flash with the appropriate bootloader binary by desoldering the flash and programming it, if I had it. Unfortunately, I neither dumped it before bricking my device nor can I find anything online. I even looked into the recovery.exe provided by AVM but it only contains the kernel and filesystem.
I think I had bootloader version 2186 and HW rev 5.