Need fresh and solid recommendations for configuring OpenVPN for AirVPN


I need fresh and solid recommendations to use AirVPN on my device, to use it as always on.
I tried packages several times with no success. How can I configure the packages you may recommend me here to:

  • Exclude devices by their IPs
  • Exclude IP ranges to connect to (to define services, etc.)
  • Exclude specific websites
  • Use Tailscale to extend network independent from the location
  • Use security features and adblocking without interruption
  • My country uses several blocking ways and attempts slowing speeds to prevent VPN usage

Thanks for your contribution...

Have you searched the forum?

PBR is a good place to start reading.

It's a way too long chat, I'm subscribed to. I'm trying to extract things from there by searching keywords from time to time, but these tries were mostly unhelpful.
I'm stuck with no internet access all the time and that is too painful.
I just need a template to start with, it can be a PBR config file for example.

Did you happen to look at the README link provided in the first post in the "way too long chat"?

Appears to have everything you need...

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Ok, thanks. Will look...

I posted a support request on AirVPN simultaneously with this post. Here is their answer:

This is actually the only one that would prevent reaching the Internet (via VPN) at all. The other 5 are a wish list of things that would be nice to add after basic Internet access is working.

So look at the VPN provider's answer on point 6, which is solid advice. You need to obfuscate VPN traffic sufficiently that the national firewall doesn't recognize it as VPN.