Need for Help with a OpenWrt Project

Hello Community,
I am looking for developers who have knowledge with OpenWrt. I have a project where I want to install OpenWrt on a Ravpower RP03 mobile router. My goal is to have a mobile Ethernet to Wifi Bridge. I have no knowledge of OpenWrt and I am looking for a partner in south germany who could help me with this. Since we are a small company we could also talk about payment for the specific help in my case.

Greetings donotpanic

Sure you're not looking at a RP-WD03 device?
Forget about running a WebUI and it's going to be slow overall...

Hey, i just need a bridge to connect some serial data to wifi. The serial data is comming via RJ45 ethernet... I need to bring that data via wifi to a laptop. But yes I am looking for the RP-WD03.
Any help would be appreciated...

A serial connection and an ethernet connection are two different beasts, even if both can use an RJ45 connector.

Then, you just need to install OpenWrt and configure it as a wireless client. This should be pretty easy.

Hey eduperez,
i konw serial is something different than ethernet. The machine has RJ45 as an output but the data which they send via ethernet are just a few serial information. Before they had RJ45 the machines had serial ports. Do you know somebody who would be interested to support us here? a small company or a freelancer?
thanks for your reply.

I'm not in Europe, but I have done serial over WiFi on OpenWrt before, and I can tell you that it is a mess. I strongly recommend you reevaluate your topology.