Need explanation on open VPN server configuration


Anyone please tell me about the open VPN server configuration process.

Please explain to me for that configuration if i need two routers where the first one will run the VPN configuration then download the config file to install it on the second router?

Please advise if the VPN server configuration will need to be installed on a router that connect to a service provider and the other client router will be on the same home ISP network as the server router

I need explanation about the diagram and configuration structure.

what do you mean 'service provider'? if you are referring to isp this is transparent...

if you are referring to additional external vpn server... then clarify your topology...

"same home ISP network" = no need for VPN... everything is related to public ip endpoints... if a client and server share identical public endpoints (same isp) then you have the option of an internal private endpoint...

Thanks for replying, what i need to do is the following :
I have a friend of mine who connect his GL Inet travel router to his USA home internet service provider meaning that his travel router from a different country is still using the same ip address that he used in USA from his internet provider but when the USA internet is turned off then his travel router from the different country is also down. I think the only way to do this configuration is to connect a router to the USA internet home service provider then configure an open VPN server to it then download the server and bring it to the travel router from the different country in order to be at the same ip network with the USA

So far i have two ideas about that configuration, the first is a site to site VPN configuration which o don't really know how ?

second is to use an open VPN server to make the connection

if the open VPN server is the option then i need to have explanation about the topology

sorry... I don't comprehend words too well...

the simple way of looking at things is that a single predictable public ip (can be yours) must be available for a common server... if this is not available... then you need a VPS for a server or something like zerotier...

as best I can tell from a quick read of what you have written... you are mixing together two use cases...

  • their setup and it's existing tunneling
  • your new tunneling with them


if that's correct... then they can be a client to you and a client to whatever other server they want...

what i really need is to configure my router from my country to a USA home internet service in order for my router to use the same ip address of the USA network.

please kindly advise me on how to do that

clarify this

since the other router from the different country is using the same USA network then when the USA network is turned off, the other router from distance is turned off too

Client-to-client connectivity on the same ISP depends on their routing and forwarding policy.
But in general case, a VPN server needs a public IPv4 or IPv6 address:

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you can search and learn for the config,s server and client of Road warrior vpn for your purpose

There are two parts to this, a server at his home in the USA, and a client on the travel router.

In order to run an OpenVPN server at home the ISP serving the home needs to allow incoming connections, in particular it can't use carrier NAT. The "WAN" IP needs to be a public IP. Then he can use a DDNS service to find home by name even if the IP sometimes changes, since ISPs usually don't always give a customer the same IP when the modem is turned off and reconnected.

Now at the travel router he'd set up a VPN client to connect to home. If the VPN connection is not possible for whatever reason, the setup usually will inherently make sure that the users of the travel router have no Internet at all. This is called a "kill switch" function.

OpenVPN doesn't work by pushing files. It can push limited bits of configuration such as IP addresses and routes. The client(s) must be mostly configured directly by installing a file on it outside of the VPN connection.


can you send me your Gmail contact in order to reach out to you. I really need this configuration set up for a job purposes. My email is and lets contact each other because your explanations are very helpful