Need dump flash from Archer C20v1

Hello , i have dead flash chip . i soldering new flash chip on my router !
i not have backup from flash!
need dump from Archer C20v1 , plzzz help to up !

Hi. I prepare dump for Archer C20v1 based on OEM firmware (160427_EU) with mac and ART from my C50v1.
You can change MAC address to the one you have on the sticker. Mac is stored in flash on address 0x7DF100



Thx you for dump flash ... i change mac, and testing , all work, no problem !

Hi, sorry to bring back this post, but I want to thank to @Heinz. I successfully bring back my router using your flash backup on a blank flash chip, I,ve change the mac address to the one on my router and everything is working very fine.

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I am make dump from archer c20 v1 with openwrt 18.06.1, may be somebody help it =)
download dump
link updated 19.08.19 :grin:

@root, the dump link you posted is not reachable anymore. Could you post a new one, please?

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This dump is still available, is it working for you? Don't forget to use an HEX editor to change the MAC addresses in the dump before loading it, and dump yours first.

EDIT: I think that @root fixed the dump link, it's working again.