Need customize ADBLOCK guide for delayed cellular wan start

Adblock and the luci component both install easy enough but when I looked in the log I saw all the download errors. This first led me on a wild goose chase to install a lot of SSL based libraries trying to fix it and I am sure ones I don't really need. Then I realized that I am using a cellular modem as a WAN and takes a good 2-4 minutes to come up. So how do I best manage this? I am not sure how to customize adblock and the only info I could find was when I clicked on the documentation link, it gave me OpenWRT documentaiton.

Here are some things I would like to do:

  • Force a download every week but only after the link is up
  • Ensure I'm not using any Google facility e.g. for DNS

Thanks ..

Check the long adblock support thread.

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if you have persistent storage... writing a download wrapper which saves here (on success) before dishing to the service is relatively simple...

you can even call it aria2c and just set the fetchutil to this...

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Under "General Settings" select the correct "wan" network interface, e.g.

Under "Additional Settings" raise the trigger delay (max. in LuCI are 300 sec./5 minutes), e.g.


To refresh your list once a week or so just add an appropriate cron/reload Job ... click on "Refresh Timer ..." in the adblock UI.

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Thank you. I found the seconds of delay gave me a maximum value of 120 seconds that it would accept. Also when I went into Refresh Timer option, and created an entry for this:
00 21 * * 1 /etc/init.d/adblock start

However once this into is loaded into the Refresh Timer field, there is no button to remove that value or way to change it. Only the Cancel and Save buttons are active, Cancel takes you back to the previous menu and Save just flashes the button with no message.

I don't understand, are the lists downloaded with each start of the program because I'm not seeing that in the log. The wake on wan you demoed for me, I understand now along with the delay of 120 (max) seconds causes the actual program to start delayed, but what forces the download of the lists or is it done periodically automatically? And if not what is the purpose of setting up a CRON job to start the program if starting it won't force a new download of the lists and the program is assumed to have already been started on or shortly delayed from boot-up? Thanks

You didn't say anything about your used adblock version? I've talked about the latest version in master/21.02 (forthcoming stable).

In former adblock release (4.0.x) you can't delete an existing job via adblock UI, you can only set/replace an existing entry. To reload your lists always use the "reload" action. As long as you selected the correct wan interface for your environment, adblock should download the lists on boot (plus the interval you've configured via cron job). Please provide adblock debug logs if you need further help.

BTW, you can edit /delete cron entrys in LuCI via System=>Scheduled tasks as well (or directly via ssh in /etc/crontabs/root).

Good point. I always forget that the release you get from OPKG fresh install is relevant to what release you are running on the router. I am using Rooter which is a port of OpenWRT (19.x.x) designed with many scripts to support a cell modem as the WAN and thus why I wish to block some of that data throughput I am paying for that funnels corporate ads sent to me on my dollar. The release I find is:

Status / Version
enabled / 4.0.7 Blocked Domains 42,534
Active Sourcesadaway, adguard, disconnect, yoyoDNS Backenddnsmasq, /tmp/dnsmasq.dRun Utils/usr/bin/curl, /usr/bin/awkRun Interfacestrigger: wan1, report: -