Need config StrongVPN PPtP or L2TP on 18.06.4

I don't want to pay more on my StrongVPN account to go to OpenVPN so I was trying to use either PPtP or L2TP which works when I use the stand-alone Windows client.

I researched using PPtP on Openwrit and it the info said I read that PPtP would not work without package kmod-nf-nathelper-extra so I installed it. (

Then as I began to configure I receieved a notice I needed to install ppp-mod-pptp so I installed that. Entered vpnXXX id and entered pptp password, saved and rebooted and nothing worked, 0 bytes.

Deleted IP6 WAN entry under Interfaces and no help

Then I wanted to try L2TP so I received another notice I needed to install xl2tpd so I installed that. Entered vpnXXX ID and I tried both the same password as listed, plus also tried the password on StrongVPN account details for the value of xxxx of P2TP key, saved and rebooted after both and still zero bytes.

Note I used the previous WAN DHCP protocol entry and modified it rather than adding a new WAN entry to the interfaces. Under the firewall, of course the WAN connection was still active under the initial IP4 WAN entry in the Interfaces list.

Any ideas?