Need ART Dump Meraki MR33?

Hello, i lost my backup of ART Partition Meraki MR33 and by mistake delete ART partition.
At this time openwrt does not recognize the WiFi due to the lack of that partition.

Maybe someone has a backup of that partition.

Best Regards!

As far as I know, the ART partition contains individual device specific calibration data which one really should NOT just copy from any other device.

Yes i know.

... Considering that you didn't make a backup of your own ART partition, you need to get art partition from someone that has same device as you (I didn't try with art from different models). Since MAC is saved on this partition you will have to modify it, thing to keep in mind while doing this is the fact that checksum of some sections of partition need to be 0xffff (according to ath9k driver), if checksum is wrong radios will not come up.

I need the ART dump for edit the MAC and it solve my problem. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for reply.

PM me and I send you one by email.

Would you be so kind and also send it to me? I also accidentally deleted the art partition.

If you PM me your email I can forward you whatever I sent to RUSKEY back in the days...

I have a torrent I seed, containing two complete NAND dumps of a pre-2017 and post-2017 Meraki MR33.

The magnet / infohash-based link: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:ce525e5c751cb77a7f89a2a7e076126bb4c0dd84


Thanks. How can i extract the art partition from these and flash it back? @sumo Did you receive my pm?

Sure, I emailed you the thing right on Wed, 24 Mar 2021 15:05:44 +0100. You haven't received anything?

Thank you. It seems it was marked as spam, got it now. Thanks again.

Hello SUMO, can you sendme the file again, i never received it.

Kind regards!

You´re the eugenio guy, not? I just resent it again.

Thank you. received in spam. I'll tell you later if I could revive my meraki.

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