Need an image for netgear Jwnr2010v5 N300 router

did you sucessfully manage to build jwnr2010v5 n300 firmware img file?? can you share the img file? i have same router.

What do you need the image to include? I'd recommend 18.6-snapshopt (18.6.8+) I'd be happy to make an image for you.

Download pre-build firmware from HERE. For custom build with extra feature I think @theMan can help u.

Flash instructions:

  1. Use ethernet cable to connect router with PC/Laptop, any router
    LAN port will work.

  2. To flash openwrt we are using nmrpflash[1].

  3. Flash commands:
    First we need to identify the correct Ethernet id.

    nmrpflash -L
    nmrpflash -i net* -f openwrt-ramips-mt7620-netgear_jwnr2010-v5-squashfs-factory.img

    This will show something like "Advertising NMRP server on net*..." (net*, *=1,2,3... etc.)

  4. Now remove the power cable from router back side and immediately connect it again.
    You will see flash notification in CMD window, once it says reboot the device just
    plug off the router and plug in again.

Revert to stock:

  1. Download the stock firmware from official netgear support[2].

  2. Follow the same nmrpflash procedure like above, this time just use the stock firmware.

    nmrpflash -i net* -f N300-V1.1.0.54_1.0.1.img



Flashed JWNR2010v5
unable to access webpage via WIFI and unable to setup WIFI repeater using Relayd and Client WDS

WIFI Keep disconnecting
STA-AP-Disconnected Error

I was actually trying to use my netgear WNR614 as WiFI repeater (stock one does not work as wifi repeater). With this firmware i am able to setup it. But the wwan wifi client is keep dropping and not vomming up till reboot. Any suggestion.

I tried to clone the git and tried to build it. But throwing errors on make.