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Hi, this is asad I want to create an account to use openwrt to use wifi networking through captive portal. Can somebody help me? According to my research after creating account i need to go on opewrt cdn and to do further steps? Kindly, create an account and guide me a bit so that i can perform this task.

Your post is vague. What captive portal are you trying to connect to? There is no account necessary from the openwrt perspective, although if you are trying to connect to a specific providers network, you might need an account.

Please elaborate about what you are trying to do.

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Yes, i want to connect to a specific network. May be I am unable to explain things to you. I just want to work on wifi networking for my restaurant client. As you see whenever you go to any mall or restaurant they have a guest wifi network whenever you try to log in, a splash page comes where you put your information and after confirming, you get access of that network.

  1. I have guest network option in my router
  2. But for the redirection I want to create a splash page, for this i want to use any free open source captive portal like openwrt and openNDS.

I hope now you can understand what I am looking for.

Are you trying to connect to a captive portal, or create one?

For creating one, see this page:

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Let me check your given link.

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Actually i want to connect with any of the following captive portals to use splash page. If i feel that the default templates (pages) i am getting is not up to the mark than i can create my own ( which i am thinking to do ). I think whatever portal i will choose i need to log in to openwrt with an account.

All of the information about the process of setting up a captive portal (complete with any additional servers/services) is in the documentation.

Any accounts that you're talking about are local to your system (either on your own OpenWrt device or on another device locally on your network). There isn't some 'central' account system for OpenWrt.

Okay. Great, I will read the documentation. And thanks for the help.

Now that we have clarified what you are really trying to achieve, I'd like to close this topic with its not so really helpful topic title. :wink:
In case of further questions regarding captive portals, please open a new topic.

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