Need Advice: Convert to LEDE from OpenWRT Remotely

After completely set up my local router to LEDE, I want to replace the OpenWRT installation to LEDE in a remote location.

There are no tech people there. It is running OpenWRT (OpenVPN frequently disconnect). I believe going up to LEDE will solve the OpenVPN issue.

The router is TP-1043N v1 connect directly to internet; the end user have a Mac, have iPhone tethering to mac as a 2nd internet connection, have Teamviewer that I can remote connect (this is the setup I move ddwrt to openwrt).

Would it be just as simple as flashing LEDE from OpenWRT GUI, then ssh to LEDE router, and then install the Luci and so on? Any special items need the user in the remote site need to interact?

Thanks in advance for advice.


I would create a preconfigured image via imagebuilder and flash it so the use on the other end doesn't have to even touch the router.

  1. Back up essential settings from the OpenWRT router
  2. Follow the guide on how to include custom files in imagebuilder
  3. Build LEDE image
  4. Upload and check "Do not preserve settings"

The result should leave you with a router running LEDE firmware and the settings you need for that specific router

PSA: You don't necessarily need to bother with imagebuilder or buildroot just to include some files with a sysupgrade. sysupgrade says (abridged):

Usage: /sbin/sysupgrade [<upgrade-option>...] <image file or URL>
       /sbin/sysupgrade [-q] [-i] <backup-command> <file>

        -f <config>  restore configuration from .tar.gz (file or url)

        -b | --create-backup <file>
                     create .tar.gz of files specified in sysupgrade.conf
                     then exit. Does not flash an image. If file is '-',
                     i.e. stdout, verbosity is set to 0 (i.e. quiet).

This means you can supply an archive containing files when sysupgrade'ing. The upgrade will be applied and the files will be copied in before rebooting. Use sysupgrade -b to get an example/template and edit/create your files.

This is especially useful when upgrading remote devices since LEDE of course by default comes with a static IP. You can supply a suitable network configuration and a firewall configuration that allows you to SSH in from the outside to finish the configuration.

Keep in mind that network configurations (e.g., interfaces, VLAN IDs) may differ between devices or OpenWrt/LEDE versions, so it would be prudent to use an existing current installation from an identical device as a template.

Probably. It's not super convenient, but if you have successfully made the move from DD-WRT to OpenWrt before, a virgin LEDE installlation doesn't start out any different than an OpenWrt one.

NB: TP1043N seems to have problems with LEDE at the moment of this post:
FS#13 - Ath9k AP stays up for connected clients but doesn't show in scan on new ones
FS#373 - ath9k: high load >10

I see. Many thanks for advice. I learned 2 things :wink:

Now, I rethink the situation a bit, I worry it too much: like OpenWRT, if I flash a firmware corresponding to the model listed, the WAN will always DHCP which can get internet connection, while the LAN will always be; so I only need it LAN connected, then I can use the 2nd Internet to perform SSH and install other things like Luci.

As for the reason for all of this:

While LEDE fixes and updates a lot of things, the TL-WR1043ND already is an extraordinarily stable device with OpenWrt. Especially OpenVPN has never been an issue for me on OpenWrt, even with older releases. If I had to hazard a guess, "frequent disconnects" sounds like idle timeouts to me, something that can be fixed in configuration. Did you ever actually log what OpenVPN does and why it disconnects? Because if it's something in its configuration, moving to LEDE won't make a difference.

Wow!, This is awesome, I had no idea sysupgrade had those arguments!

I'm assuming OpenWRT and LEDE is relatively the same in regards to configuration files. But I suppose you can selectively select files in backup.tar.gz to include just your needed files (ie. ./config/network, ./config/wireless). I had some trouble in the when my preserved settings made my router nonfunctional but thats probably because the difference in build was so great from one openwrt dev. to the other.

EDIT: That command line output should be added to the wiki, I'm sure someone will find it useful

There is no error in the log. And I follow the OpenWRT Wiki for the configuration.

Turns out the very old mid-2016 version wiki teach me to set log level to 3 this works until I update the config on Aug 2016 is on 7 and it disconnect every 10 mins. I was not aware this cause the problem. I fixed it by changing the log level to 3 again and it is solved. I have no idea why, but I am sure log level 7 is the cause. It has been running for 11 hrs now without any problem.

Still, the TP-1043N running CC cannot have mini tls ver = 1.2. It always fall to 1.0. The same basic config works at tls 1.2 with at LEDE :slight_smile:

If log level 7 is more verbose, since logging happens to RAM, there could be a problem there. v1 only has 32 MB RAM after all...

Not a recommendation, but personally I disable logging after everything seems to be working fine for a few minutes/hours. Seems to be pretty stable for me.