Need a working kernel config.gz from Linksys WRT-1900ACS v2


I tried to build my own OpenWrt with custom kernel components. Somehow I removed something important from kernel_menuconfig and my new fw image won't power up USB3. It detects USB3 and the root hub, but there's no 5V VBUS on the physical connector. The port is simply "off". I failed to find out what's missing.

I'm looking for a /proc/config.gz (kernel config) from a working Linksys WRT-1900ACS v2 to compare with my own. The default image (where USB3 is working) does not have config.gz support, so I can't extract the config from that.


./scripts/ > configMine
rm .config
make menuconfig

chose the device and target, will give you OOTB defaults

/scripts/ > configDefault
cp confifMine .config
make defconfig
diff -y --suppress-common-line configMine configDefault

assuming OOTB actually powers things

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Your commands seem to compare OpenWrt .config (settings in make menuconfig), not kernel (make kernel_menuconfig).

ah, missed that. Unless configured to do so, I don't think that ends up on an install. Does git status indicate your modified file in your buildroot.

Got it!
git diff
Thanks for the ideea! Why didn't I think of that?!

It seems that i'm missing a generic power regulator driver and/or a generic usb phy. Testing in progress. :slight_smile:

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