Need a 101: IPv4 and IPv6 provided on the CPE -- would I connect using DHCP or DHCPv6 (or can I do both) on WAN?

Hello world,

and sorry for the long title, but after searching since yesterday I seem unable to find an answer (at least none that I understand).

My CPE (an AVM FritzBox) shows I am connected to my provider both using v4 and v6 IP, the only connected client behind the device is the WAN port of my LEDE installation .. ans currently running DHCP. So all internal IPv6 traffic goes nowhere, and I cannot access native IPv6.

So, how would I connect here?
DHCPv4 / DHCPv6 / both / static -- This is the question none of the entries here answers for me.

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Hey Thomas,

you need to enable prefix delegation on the FritzBox by following Point 1 of

LEDE should work out of the box afterwards. As far as I understand, the fritzbox delegates a /62 prefix to the downstream (LEDE) router, which isn't that great if you want to use lede to delegate prefixes to another downstream router. By default LEDE delegates /60 prefixes to downstream router (ip6assing in /e/c/network). Not sure how familar you are with ipv6 and prefixes, but playing with should give you an idea what is possible.

Yes you can do both, bot not static.
Your provider telekom only provide a dynamic /56er IPv6 Prefix and you have ipv4 only with double nat then.
Check the settings for AVM 7570 (german) "Internet> Zugangsdaten / ipv6" and enable the mode you want here.
I personally didn't like this setup.

I think you want to use a router with lede running ? you can buy a VDSL2 modem should do the job more clean and use the AVM device just for Voip (AVM Client mode only ipv4 support )
Its money a problem here for a VDSL2 modem ?

A cheap VDSL2 Vectoring modem you can use its from german provider 1&1 is the " AVM 7412"
on ebay (20-40€) but few bad points can only put this in a full bridge modem.
Need a router with vlan support but this is not a problem near all router that run lede/**wrt etc support it. This mode is not officially supported form AVM. Only do this if money is realy a problem.
It´s need a config hack backup an restore file or telnet etc.
google search for more info " avm mode = dsldmode_full_bridge" "fbeditor"
Unfortunately your device can not be used as a plain modem bridge a better way to do this is not possible here, what i know.

A good VDSL2 vectoring modem/router for germany

  1. ZyXEL VMG1312-B30A
  2. DrayTek Vigor 130 with german firmware Vigor130_*
  3. Allnet ALL-BM100VDSL2V

sorry my english is very bad.

While I'm not able to speak for thomas, I'd assume that his situation as a whole is a bit more complex (at least VoIP, eventually also iptv streaming).