Ncurses-based TUI replacement for LuCI?

I'm looking for something like LuCI that I could use over an SSH connection or over the serial-port.
The closest I could find is, but that's a far cry).
Currently, I just use the command line, but that requires that I consult OpenWRT docs frequently, which is
somewhere between inconvenient and not available (e.g. when my OpenWRT router isn't cooperating).

lynx or links ?
or tunnel a real browser via ssh ?

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Regarding links and lynx, they don't seem able to handle LuCI's Javascript, or at least I wasn't able to make use of them.
As for tunneling, that won't help: the problem is not the connection but the need to work within a text terminal.

Something like this has been discussed at length relatively recently (although I can't find it right now) in a similar request, the gist remains that it's not going to happen. You can either use the normal root shell (and either uci or your favourite cli based text editor) or a javascript capable browser, there isn't the manpower to write yet-another completely independent management interface.

Developing javascript support for lynx/ links (with their corresponding upstream projects) would probably be easier, relatively speaking, than maintaining a standalone -feature complete- text based UI.