NC375T QLE3044 Support

Hello, I've had a google but couldn't find much information, does anyone know if the NC375T QLE3044 is supported? I have one just laying around from a server I got a couple of years ago but couldn't seem to find a driver for it in a kmod package.

(Please don't hurt me, I'm new)

Likely the driver is not yet packaged by OpenWrt. My guess is that those qlogic ethernet drivers may work. Consider enabling them and building from source code.

I have the same problem, I have a NC375T which I can't use in my OpenWRT.
I'm running 19.07.3 on a x86_64 virtual machine. PCI passthrough is working fine.

The NIC is working fine under Ubuntu, Debian with the qlogic built in drivers.

What I tried:

  • force insmod the netxen_nic.ko file copied from Ubuntu 16.04 install: failed to insert /lib/modules/4.14.180/netxen_nic.ko
  • add /qlogic source code folder to feeds.conf.default and build a new feed: can't find the package in the Build Image menu. I think this is the correct way to go but I don't know where my mistake is.

If someone made a opkg of this driver could be really helpful now!

Thank you