NC command in openwrt

I used nc Ip port command and output is like this as shown in figure. Can someone please explain what it means.
Thanks in advance!

the data sent back isn't human-readable ?


How would we know what it means?

  • We don't know why you ran the command
  • We don't know the port
  • We don't know what issue you're resolving/troubleshooting by running the nc command

From the nc manual - see underlined section:

-p source_port
Specifies the source port nc should use, subject to privilege restrictions and availability. It is an error to use this option in conjunction with the -l option.

Furthermore, since you ran a known erroneous command, it's completely unclear what answers you're seeking from the community.


I realized this was IP and not LP. Nonetheless, we still don't know the port, nor the IP, nor why you ran the command.


You connected to a service which replied with binary gibberish :wink:

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