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En español:
Hola todos sabemos que en Cuba nuestro proveedor de internet nos obliga a autenticarnos a travez de un portal cautivo. Tengo un router de ubiquiti (Airgateway-LR) con OpenWRT instalado en la ultima version que este soporta, pero no logro que me cargue la pagina del portal cautivo, lo tengo con su configuracion y el enrutamiento que viene por defecto, solamente le active la Wifi en el modo AP, alguien me puede ayudar. Muchas gracias de antemano

In English:
Hello, we all know that in Cuba our internet provider forces us to authenticate through a captive portal. I have a ubiquiti router (Airgateway-LR) with OpenWRT installed in the latest version that it supports, but I can't get the captive portal page to load, I have it with its configuration and the routing that comes by default, I only activate the Wifi in AP mode, can someone help me. Thank you very much in advance

This is too vague, provide specifics.

Two reasons I could think of, where it'd fail, is if you use custom DNSes, or a VPN tunnel is up.


Quise decir que el portal cautivo no se muestra, generalmente con una url se muetra ( No uso tuneles VPNs ni tampoco uso dns personalizados, solamente los que me proporciona el operador, de no ser asi no se vizualiza el portal cautivo. Mi topologia de red es: el cable que viene del operador hacia mi Router ADSL y luego por cable LAN (RJ45) hacia la WAN del AirGateway->(OpenWrt). El Router ADSL tiene su propio enrutamiento con sus DNS del operador y como puse anteriormente el Router con OpenWRT lo tengo con su configuracion por defecto solemente le habilite la wifi en modo AP no cambie dns ni configure VPNs ni nada por el estilo. Dato curioso, me conecto al router de la operadora y visualizo el portal cautivo, en cambio cuando me conecto al Airgateway(openwrt) no visualizo el portal cautivo. Para poder acceder a internet tengo que autenticarme primero en el portal cautivo a travez del router de la operadora, luego de eso el Airgateway si recibe internet y los dispositivos que se encuentran conectados a el tambien.

I meant that the captive portal is not shown, usually with a url it is shown ( I do not use VPN tunnels nor do I use personalized dns, only those provided by the operator, otherwise the captive portal is not displayed. My network topology is: the cable that comes from the operator to my ADSL Router and then by LAN cable (RJ45) to the WAN of the AirGateway->(OpenWrt). The ADSL Router has its own routing with its operator DNS and as I previously put the Router with OpenWRT I have it with its default configuration, I only enabled Wi-Fi in AP mode, do not change dns or configure VPNs or anything like that. Curious fact, I connect to the operator's router and I see the captive portal, while when I connect to the Airgateway (openwrt) I don't see the captive portal. In order to access the internet I have to first authenticate myself in the captive portal through the operator's router, after that the Airgateway does receive internet and the devices that are connected to it too.

Photo Captive Portal:

Normally you should be able to see the captive portal on your browser from the pc connected on the OpenWrt when you try to open a page.
There is travelmate package which can help with captive portals.

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Ok thank you very much, I'll try and let you know if it works or not

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On the router, does nslookup return an IP address? Then test the same thing from a PC on the LAN.



Go to Network, DHCP and DNS, down to Domain whitelist, and add:

You would only need this, if you were blocking it somehow / somewhere ?

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