NAT reflection (loop back) with UPnP?

Does the miniupnpd daemon support creating port forwards with NAT reflection? I'm using Plex with the Sonos app and it requires the ability for the system to be accessed via the external IP on the forwarded port (reflection).

If I create the rule manually then I can check the "enable NAT reflection" box but I don't see any options for this in the miniupnp settings. I did some searching and can't find the answer either. Is this possible? I would prefer that Plex handle the forward if possible.

Any idea how to get NAT loopback / hairpin / reflection working with upnp created port redirects? Any universal FW rule I could add?

For this use case, I would reserve a static address for the device, and configure it to always use the same port, then configure the firewall; no need for UPnP.

That’s what I wound up doing in the end.