NAT Reflection (Hairpin nat) is not working on (Orange Pi R1 Plus LTS)

I have purchased an Orange Pi R1 Plus LTS and installed the official openwrt image from orangepi.

I have a PPPoE Wan connection, and I am trying to do Nat Reflection so I can use the various servers I am running internally.

One of the servers is HomeAssistant which needs to be reached by the public dns name, rather then the local ip address, otherwise the client complains about the certificate not being valid...

I have configured the port forwarding and have the default "Nat reflection" ticked in the gui, but when I look at /etc/config/firewall, this option is not present explicitly (there is no "option reflection '1'" present in the config)

Adding a local DNS override will not work for me, as I have multiple services that I need to reach via external domain names, so it's not just one IP address that I need to translate to...

I have tried all the methods suggested in the topics under "Hairpin Nat" and "NAT reflection" but had no success with any of them

Is the Nat reflection working in the 21.02.1 version for everyone else, and I need to recompile the fw? or is it still broken as per this article and I should abondon OpenWRT for now until this is fixed? (this functionality is crucial for me)

Any suggestion, or help would be welcome.
Thank you

current firmware version: OpenWrt 21.02.1 r16325-88151b8303 / LuCI openwrt-21.02 branch git-21.295.67054-13df80d

In that case please contact Xunlong for support about their firmware, it's not OpenWrt - even if they call it that.

Your post does not appear to be related to an officially released OpenWrt version, package or supported operation.

It is unlikely that you will receive useful input here.

Please seek advise from the relevant maintainer.

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Please seek advise from the relevant maintainer.

Is there an official OpwnWRT version for the Orange Pi r1 plus LTS that I could try to load?

I don't think so, but might be a step into the right direction.

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looking at the list of comms not sure when this will be ready, so I guess I have to migrate away for the every day (unfortunately), at least for now.

Thank you for the quick replies, I will keep an eye on the github thread and hope for the best.

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