NAT Loopback on bridge Interface

when the Interface is configured as non bridge Interface, the NAT loopback works without any problem with the connected devices to this interface, but, when the Interface will be configured as bridge interface, the NAT loopback won't work (I mean in this case, it won't work with the connected devices to this Interface)... any advice please???...

Hey there.

Please describe in detail which interface it is and where you bridge it to. And maybe name every other interface of your router and include their settings.

If you create a single bridge connecting your LAN devices directly to your WAN network, that means your clients might get DHCP responses from your ISP instead of your router, so there's just no NAT in place that can have a loopback setting.


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Please read:

I have attached my NAS to the WLAN Interface (with VLAN 115), but after this configuration with the bridge Interface, the nat loopback doesn't work anymore (NAS is reachable over WAN but not over internal network).
I've tried & tried but no CHANCE, what should I do?...

Any news???