NAT-ed public IP, how to configure routing on OpenWrt

Ok, so its NAT-ed + dmz on the isp side and then again NAT-ed + DMZ on ONT.
ISP said it cant be turned off either on his side and also on ONT side.
Fu..... crappy ISP but no other choice

It sadly won't help because its double nated (with my openwrt its triple) :frowning:

Just ONT from ISP and then my openwrt router.

What's the public IP you were paying for then?

Bottom line is that you need to talk to your ISP.


it seems that this crappy ISP does not know how networking works and that NAT 1:1 IS NOT public IP, for which i'm paying additionally for.

That would be a correct assessment, unless they can explain how you benefit from the extra money they charge you.