There is this device Agestar NCB3AST. There is a page for it on
Is it possible to start openwrt on it now? There is no ready image. Is it possible to compile?

Between 32 MB of RAM, and not finding STR9104 anywhere else on the OpenWrt wiki, it is unlikely that much work has been done to port OpenWrt to the device.

Some information on this series of devices at

c. 2009, Linux 2.4 / 2.6

As far as I know, devices based on this SoC are
quite popular (low cost, $40-$80), and has been marketed under
different names (some of them are: Agestar NCB3AST, Coolmax CN-570,
NS-348S, Emprex NSD-100, Agestar NCB3AHT, NAS2, and Revoltec rs049).