Napatech SmartNIC and FPGA/DPDK support

Hey all,

I have a few Napatech NICs ranging from 4-port 1G, 2-4 port 10G, and the awesome dual port 100G models. At {pay my bills job} I use them in a range of deployments, usually as load generators for the TRex OSS project from Cisco, but also as IDS/IPS offload processing in Suricata to reduce CPU load.

They usually are not inexpensive, but occasionally good deals pop up on ebay. I have some in my home lab (ok, colo space where I rent a few racks for my hardware obsession)... and I would like to use some of the 1-10G models with OpenWRT.

Is this possible? I'm all for running custom builds, working with DPDK, and contributing to the project but I want to make sure this isn't a repetition of existing efforts.

Any insight would be appreciated. Here's a few examples of the models I'm referring to:

start here, even though it's about a different card - Finding the right kmod-module for NetXen NX3031