Nanostation Loco M5AC and Miui 4A 100M



I have installed numerous Miui 4A 100 M routers with openwrt firmware, at my farm. All are working nicely as 802.11s mesh.

I now want to extend the coverage to field offices which are 500M-1 KM apart. I am already using two Nanostation Loco M5AC with UBNT v8.7.1 (WA) from head office to farm.

I do not want to install numerous Loco M5 AC to cut the overall cost. I want to install two of these Loco M5 AC as access points at my head office and Miui 4A 100M will be installed at field offices which will be connected with Nanostation Loco M5AC access points install at head office.

My real question / problem:

With official ubnt firmware, Miui 4A 100M even cannot find Nanostation Loco M5AC. I tried with legacy mode, turned PTP off etc. with no success.

If I shall install openwrt in my Nanostation Loco M5AC, may these Miui 4A 100M and Nanostation Loco M5AC (both installed with openwrt) will be able to communicated with each other?

I think you mean Nanostation AC loco.

Running OpenWrt, these will mesh with MediaTek devices but you need to use the non-ct ath10k driver.

Thanks @mk24 for your prompt reply. I am using openwrt for few months and have limited knowledge about it, though I am an IOT guy.

I did not understand your advice about non-ct ath10k driver. May you please elaborate it further? Moreover, Installing the image below, will it work?

I got some information from [OpenWrt Wiki] Techdata: Ubiquiti NanoStation AC loco.