Nanostation Loco M2 Dumb AP
I was following this but I can't seem to apply the settings. When I click Save and Apply
I get the error "Failed to confirm apply within 30s, waiting for rollback…"

My settings is like this:


Device: br-lan
Uptime: 0h 0m 45s
MAC: 78:8A:20:EB:61:87
RX: 40.83 KB (408 Pkts.)
TX: 14.41 KB (155 Pkts.)
IPv6: fdda:ac30:5af6::1/60

IPv4 address
IPv4 netmask

IPv4 gateway
IPv4 broadcast
Use custom DNS servers
IPv6 assignment length

Assign a part of given length of every public IPv6-prefix to this interface
IPv6 assignment hint

Assign prefix parts using this hexadecimal subprefix ID for this interface.
IPv6 suffix

Optional. Allowed values: 'eui64', 'random', fixed value like '::1' or '::1:2'. When IPv6 prefix (like 'a:b:c:d::') is received from a delegating server, use the suffix (like '::1') to form the IPv6 address ('a:b:c:d::1') for the interface.
DHCP Server
General Setup
IPv6 Settings
Ignore interface

When changing the LAN IP, after that appears, click the red "apply anyway" button and only then put the new IP in your browser so you can continue the setup.

Do not connect the dumb AP to your main network until after you have set an IP address that does not conflict, and turned off its DHCP server.

Its just "Waiting for configuration to be applied... 0s" forever

just replugged it and its okay now big thanks @mk24 mk24

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