Nanostation loco 5 questions

hello to Forum!
i have one old Ubiquity nanostation loco 5.

i just want to ask which is the latest version i can install?
is the "CC 15.05.1" the latest?
Will i have Web interface or only commands?

The old loco 5 with a wireless (max rate 54 Mbps) is no longer supportable since it only has 16 MB of RAM. The atheros (ath5k a/g SoC) target is no longer maintained.

The Nanostation loco M5 (a/n wireless) has 32 or 64 MB of RAM has a 19.07.4 ath79 build.

i do not understand.
i can not install OpenWrt because it is no longer supportable?
The files have deleted ?

New kernels are too large to run in 16MB RAM.

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so there is nothing to download and install?

can someone explain without to send me to buy a new hardware if i can install the CC 15.05.1 to my device without to brick it?


I'm really not sure why you're inquiry is becoming so convoluted - the Wiki provides all the information you need.

This version is very old with known discovered security issues. It's not advised to run this on a production device.

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