Nanostation 2 OpenWrt

I'm a newbie. I have Nanostation 2

Can I install OpenWrt on this device ? I read some warning about memory.
Will I be able to use it as a station on OPENwrt ?
Is it working better on openWRT ??


Your device used to support very olde versions of OpenWrt, but there is no recent release for it (and there will never be because it has limited flash and ram space).

You shouldn't install OpenWrt on it because the old version because it's vulnerable to new threats, and you will not be able to find support if you brick it or if you face any problems. Even though it's an old device, it can be handy to have an outdoor AP, so don't damage it!

You can buy a suitable router for OpenWrt starting from $20~25, new or used.

If you mention your requirements and budget, people would be happy to help you with choosing.

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I do no want to use Nanostation 2 for router. I need i only for AP. so can I install some old openwrt in that case ?

Please use the Hardware section of this forum for questions like Which router should I buy?

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You can but 10.03.1 is so old that won't have the latest fixes for wpa2 vulnerabilities, among others.
If you understand the security concerns, you can try to flash it.

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And then, in addition to the security risk, there is the question of whether there is a good enough reason to put OpenWrt on a device to use it as a dump AP, especially if it's an ancient version, and you are unlikely to get sorry if you need it.

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802.11g only hardware won't co-exist with n very well. If you have any neighbors or any of your own APs running 802.11n on the same channel you should not have b/g only APs on the air.

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  • How fast is your internet connection? 20mbps

  • Do you need Wi-Fi? 2.4GHz only,

  • Do you need Gigabit Ethernet? no

  • Do you need USB ports? NO

  • How many family members/devices must the router support? up o 10 *

  • What other services do you want? nothing

  • Finally, **please define your price range. 25-30$

What @tmomas said...

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